Wedding F.A.Q.

This is the Wedding F.A.Q. It will be a permanently updated link until the wedding. These are the questions that we have been asked since we were engaged. If you have a question please ask through the comments section. We will do our best to answer any and all questions (Within Reason)

Latest news!11/11/05

So here is what has been happening as of late.

11/12/05 – The Wedding Day! The guys are going to be arriving soon to go for breakfast. The rehearsal went very well last night. The rehearsal dinner was alot of fun. Everyone got to see the wedding favor for the first time and they were very happy with it. I’ll give a very detailed account of it soon.

Not So Latest news! – Before November 12, 2005

11/11/05 – Last day before the wedding. Man this has flown by so quickly. So quickly. So let’s see about updates. Pretty much everything that needs to be done has been done. Now it is here and the roller coaster is slowly ratcheting up the hill, the twists and turns are on there way! We will have tons of updates in the next couple of weeks.

11/08/09 – Last night Allison and I met with Kevin at the Holiday Inn to talk about the reception. We went over every detail and are confident that it is going to be an excellent night. He’s even getting us an 8X8 screen for the supere secret wedding favors. Which I cannnot wait to show people. Only three more days before they are revealed to the Wedding party then another day till everyone at the reception gets one.

Sunday Allison and I took our Wedding Crash Course dance lessons at Best Foot Forward in Newton. Sara and Norm were great instructors and we had a great time. Check out our moves in 4 days.

Last night we talked with our photographer Cullen Jones. We talked about what type of pictures we wanted to have taken. So Saint A’s, Suesquehanna, Bishop Feehan and Memorial folks get ready for some group shots.

11/05/05 –

Allison completed the church program for the ceremony. We put together the bags for out of town guests who are staying at the hotel.

11/02/05 –

Cake topper has arrived. We spoke with Jeff the DJ last night and mapped out the dances. Allison’s engagement ring is being sized. The cake topper is at the bakery and we got a program to use as a guide for our ceremony program. I had my bachelor party on the 29th of October, it was at Dave and Buster’s and a great time.

10/24/05 –

We completed the wedding ceremony, music, readings whatnot.
Allison will be sending the readins to our readers. Erin, Bart and Maureen

We are almost finished with the seating chart. Still waiting on some responses.

10/20/05 –
The cake topper is done.

What? I’m not showing it till the wedding. It should be coming across the pond soon.

We have the liscense.

Almost all the response cards are back. If you haven’t returned yours please send it in. Thanks.

10/18/05 – The Engagement Announcement hit the Sun Chronicle and the Union Leader this weekend.

10/15/05 – We have mailed out all the invitations. We have received over half of them back, probably closer to two thirds. So thanks for getting those RSVP’s mailed back. We have completed the wedding favors and they came out great, if I do say so myself, and I do. We have also completed the invites for the rehearsal dinner and sent those out. All of the groomsmen and fathers have gotten fitted for tuxes. Allison has had her shower. We are almost complete on the ceremony. And today we are begining to work on the seating chart. So we are still a bit crazy busy.



  • Our Custom Guestbook has arrived.
  • Invitations are coming together
  • More odds and ends taken care of.
  • The wedding ceremony is almost complete.
  • Wedding party Gifts are being purchased.
  • 08/06/05

    • The invitation design is complete.
    • The Rings have been picked out and ordered.
    • We’ve met with Fr. Dave about the ceremony.
    • The gifts for the wedding party and parents have been decided upon.
    • Andy, Denise, Dan and Marcia have given us some generous amounts of help. (Thank You)
    • We’ve made final choices at the Reception site for dinner and whatnot
    • We’ve ordered our custom cake topper.

    07/27/05 – We’re checking out wedding rings. We’ve set the dinner menu. We’ve booked Allison’s room for Friday night.

    07/11/05 – Okay so I haven’t been so good about updating this. But with the days quickly approaching double digits I need to get to updating this. We’ve gotten the Tuxes picked out, the groomsmen and the fathers need to go for their fittings. This would be at Mr. Tux. We just checked out a location for the rehearsal dinner last night. Looks like The Moose Cabin in Attleboro will be where we will have that. It is a nice new family restaurant that has a very large function room. It is great because the place has the same decor of the Evergreen Lodge. The place we stayed when we got engaged.

    4/26/05 – We’ve set up the Macy’s Registry this weekend. That registry can be accessed here. Macy’s Registry

    4/17/05 – The Honeymoon has been booked! We are going to have seven nights in Sunny Aruba at the Tamarijn All-Inclusive Resort. I was able to cut the price of the vacation in half by using 200,000 American Airline miles. All that traveling the past 3 years has paid off.

    4/16/05 – Allison and I went to Mr. Tux at the Emerald Square Mall and picked out the tux for the wedding. One more thing off the checklist.

    4/12/05 – Allison met with the florist and worked out the flowers.

    4/11/05 – Allison and I completed our Marriage Preparation Course on Sunday April 10, 2005 at St. Joseph’s in Taunton. We were among 33 engaged couples participating int he day. It was a good day.

    4/11/05 –We are getting nearer to our selection of a honeymoon place, well actually, it is selected, we are going to be going to Aruba for 7 nights at the Tamarijn All-I
    nclusive Resort
    . I am just waiting for 1,500 airline miles to hit my account so I can book the trip. We are using American Airlines Vacations to book the trip and I’ll be unloading 200,000 airline miles to cut the price of the week by more than half. Three years of hoarding miles has paid off. I just have to wait a little bit longer.

    Q. How did Drew propose?
    A. Please read this Blog Entry

    Q. When is the wedding?
    A. November 12, 2005

    Q. What time?
    A. Morning Wedding, 10:00am

    Q. Where is the wedding?
    A. Sacred Heart Church North Attleboro, MA

    Q. Why not Saint A’s?
    A. We live across the street from Sacred Heart and may end up finding a home in North Attleboro, Sacred Heart is our church.

    Q. Where is the reception?
    A. The Mansfield Holiday Inn

    Q. I’m coming from out of town, what is the nightly rate for the Holiday Inn Mansfield?
    A. We have blocked off rooms and the rate is $79.00. You can book a room now, it is under the name Bennett-Sparks Wedding.

    Q. How Do I get from the Holiday Inn to the Church and from the Church to the Reception Hall to the Holiday Inn.
    A. Directions from the Holiday Inn to the Church
    Directions from the Church to the Reception

    Q. What time is the Reception?
    A. 11:00 Cocktail hour
    12:00 Reception Begins

    Q. Chicken or Beef or Fish?
    A. The choices are Hunter Chicken or Baked Scrod

    Q. Does Allison have her dress?
    A. Marcia bought Allison’s dress on Feb 12, 2005. Allison and Marcia are very excited about it and Allison looks beautiful in it. I was told this – I have not seen it and will not until the wedding.
    Allison, Marcia,T.R., Elise and Lindsey picked out the bridesmaid dresses and picked up Allison’s wedding dress. Also Allison has received here veil and tiara from her eBay purchases.

    Q. What are the wedding colors?
    A. (Burgundy or Cranberry) and Ivory

    Q. Have you chosen all the songs?
    A. Not all but at least three important ones.
    Our Song and the Bride and Father of the Bride Dance, Mother Son Dance.

    Q. Who is your Photographer
    A. Cullen Jones, we met with him this morning and were very impressed, we’ll complete a contract later this week. You can see some of his stuff at his website.

    Q. Who is your DJ? – 4/11/05
    A. Jeff from DJ Jett Entertainment. He’s a fixture at the Bennett Family weddings so why not at ours too.

    Q. Where are you registered?
    A. Target, Macy’s

    Q. Will the cats be part of the wedding? (Actually asked)
    A. Do we look like crazy people.

    Q. Who is in the wedding party?
    Maid of Honor: Elise Lane Buchanan – A college friend and Zeta Sister
    Bridesmaids: Jen Black DeBell – A college friend and Zeta Sister
    Lindsay Gagnon – A high school friend and my “twin”
    T.R. Harris – A Zeta Alum friend and my walking buddy for the 3-Day

    Best Man: Neil Lambert – Close friend of 22 years.
    Groomsmen: Derek Wesley – High School Friend of 12+ years
    Ken Belbin – We worked together at Saint A’s, Friend since college.
    James Inglee – Friend of 5+ years, I introduced him to his wife.

    Q. Are you going to play the chicken dance?
    A. There will be a Do Not Play List, the list and its contents will be determined. Check this space for future updates.