Which Religion suits you?

Okay so I tried this religion quiz. Apparently I am best suited for is Buddhism. Interesting. I wonder how they compile the answers given. So, what religion are you best suited for, according to this quiz? Leave me a comment with your answer.

You scored as Buddhism. Your beliefs most closely resemble those of Buddhism. Do more research on Buddhism and possibly consider becoming Buddhist, if you are not already.

In Buddhism, there are Four Noble Truths: (1) Life is suffering. (2) All suffering is caused by ignorance of the nature of reality and the craving, attachment, and grasping that result from such ignorance. (3) Suffering can be ended by overcoming ignorance and attachment. (4) The path to the suppression of suffering is the Noble Eightfold Path, which consists of right views, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right-mindedness, and right contemplation. These eight are usually divided into three categories that base the Buddhist faith: morality, wisdom, and samadhi, or concentration. In Buddhism, there is no hierarchy, nor caste system; the Buddha taught that one’s spiritual worth is not based on birth.



















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6 thoughts on “Which Religion suits you?”

  1. i believe that some butiful humands are magical
    and i like to be butiful,dumb, or sexy is my style
    just encase that has to do with one religion am not sure about god or how the world was made but i do thinck its posible that the world was made frome a almhigty bang boooooooooom !!!!!!!!!!!
    i believe that god allows evreyone to have sex
    exapt his emenys
    i dont thinck god forbids love i believe in bad luck and good luck and hourse shoes black cats things like that i thinck if somthing has to do with an unbrela you will have bad luck i also believe if you find a penny you will have good luck i believe that god dose some of the work of your body but you can get a hair style to make look diffrint
    am not shur if god forbids sergery i thinck we wher put on this earth to have are style we trust
    so what riligion am i?

  2. Im buddist, that works, I like the idea of giving things up, you see what money does to people, and video games and texting does to people when they do it all the time… but I think everything in moderation

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