Soda Club Flavor of the Week

Because I am now an affiliate of the Soda Club I am going to feature a different Soda Club Flavor each week. This week’s flavor is Grape Soda . Grape Soda has to be my favorite soda flavor ever. The Soda Club captures the flavor of Grape Soda perfectly.

It is a real treat to sit down on Wednesday nights, make a liter of Grape Soda , a batch of popcorn and watch Lost. On Wednesday’s that has become a little ritual that Allison and I have. We each pick a flavor of Soda Club soda. I make them in our Soda Club machine (We only have the basic one not the Penguin, we want the Penguin.) then I make a batch of popcorn on the stove. (I never did get around to making that Guy’s registry with my wish list for the Harley Davidson Popcorn Machine, someday). The whole process takes me all of 6-8 minutes. Heat the oil, make the Grape Soda and the Orange Mango Soda (which will be discussed as a future flavor of the week) for Allison, pop the popcorn and get into the living room to enjoy Lost.

Sadly Lost isn’t new until February 8, 2006. But I can always make me some Grape Soda . I looked for a Grape Soda recipe on the Soda Club web page but there is none for Grape Soda . I will have to invent one.