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Mario Day 2024

Mario Day
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01890

March 10 is Mario day, aka Mar10 Day. So to celebrate Super Mario I give you one of my favorite LEGO sets. Andy and I built this together last year and it now is displayed in my office. I do need to dust the place but I am considering rearranging the display case to put my Transformers there instead of all the Skylanders. I thought I’d be playing more of the game but I haven’t played since I set them all up. I have a ton of Transformers and I have not displayed them in so long so I think it is about time since it is the 40th anniversary year of the Transformers. I figure I should get that done before my birthday less than a month away.

LEGO Dreamz Unicorn

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01828

My favorite book series is a series of books by author Shayne Silvers. Shayne Silvers has several great characters but the main story revolves around a wizard named Nate Temple. Shayne has written over 35 books since 2018 or so. I started reading (listening on Audible) over a year ago. I finished relistening to all of the books this morning and I’m starting to red the one book that is not yet on Audible: Boilermaker. The good thing is that this book continues after what had happened in the last book that I listened to, Snakebite.

In the books Nate has a surly Alicorn named Grimm and from all descriptions of Grimm I thought that this LEGO Alicorn from the Dreamz sets looked exactly like I would picture Grimm. Although he has feathers with red tips and I;’m not sure if I can recreate that to make it look closer to that look. I also think the character on Grimm’s back looked very much like Nate with his Horseman of Hope mask.