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Cookie Time

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01886

Today was book fair at Andy’s school. Andy picked up three books including a cookie cookbook. On the same day Eva had her friend Steven over and they made chocolate chip cookies together. Eva had mentioned that she wanted to make cookies today and I requested chocolate chip ones because all through the winter I’ve wanted chocolate chip cookies and kept waking up to Swiss chocolate squares, which are not my favorite. So, got my chocolate chip cookies and they were great.

I took Andy to rock climbing and it was the second to last session and the instructor would not be there next week so she gave the kids their certificates this week. Andy earned the Best Dynamic Climber superlative. that makes sense. Rock Climbing is something that Andy loves so much and each time they go to class they push themselves harder and harder. Andy is always up for a rock climbing challenge.

LEGO Dreamz Unicorn

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01828

My favorite book series is a series of books by author Shayne Silvers. Shayne Silvers has several great characters but the main story revolves around a wizard named Nate Temple. Shayne has written over 35 books since 2018 or so. I started reading (listening on Audible) over a year ago. I finished relistening to all of the books this morning and I’m starting to red the one book that is not yet on Audible: Boilermaker. The good thing is that this book continues after what had happened in the last book that I listened to, Snakebite.

In the books Nate has a surly Alicorn named Grimm and from all descriptions of Grimm I thought that this LEGO Alicorn from the Dreamz sets looked exactly like I would picture Grimm. Although he has feathers with red tips and I;’m not sure if I can recreate that to make it look closer to that look. I also think the character on Grimm’s back looked very much like Nate with his Horseman of Hope mask.