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Some VR Time

VR Time
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01685

Andy got a Quest VR headset for Christmas and it has quickly become his favorite activity. We try and limit playtime to 1/2 hour increments. That tends to creep up when we are not strictly paying attention. For the most part the interactions that Andy has on the headset are good. They’re learning to get along with people and work together in different games. There hasn’t been a major meltdown in a while so that is good news. With the bunk bed out of the room and Andy’s room picked up (sort of) they have more space to play.

Suped Up Headphones for Andy

New Music for Andy
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01684

One of the items that Andy needs for back to school are headphones. Specifically bluetooth headphones. So, I looked on and found an inexpensive pair of them and these have some really nice features for inexpensive headphones. They are over the ear so Andy won’t lose them by having them fall out. They have a indicator light on the case that tells you how much power each headphone has. Mine don’t even have that feature. I’m a bit jealous.