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Kayaking with Eva

Kayaking with Eva
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00184

I took Eva out Kayaing today. It was her first time on her own in her own kayak. I used to take her and let her sit in her own boat but would tow the boat around. that would at least give her the feeling of being in her own boat. However, now she is old enough to do it on her own.

She used Allison’s kayak but it is nice and small so it is perfect for Eva to use. We went out early to Great Pond and paddled around in the shallows until Eva got some confidence and it felt right to her. She picked it up quickly and had a lot of fun. By the end she didn’t want to stop paddling and she had gotten much better in her skill. However, we had to get back because the kids had swimming lessons today.

Swimming Lessons

Eva will be in one class and then Andrew and Dylan in another. Kylie is supposed to be in another class but she take the class with Andrew and Dylan. Somehow she conned the lifeguards to let her go on the surfboard after class. That turned into all the kids getting a ride on it and then being able to jump off. They had fun. We spent the bulk of the afternoon out on the beach and had a nice time.

Just Me and the Turtles

Paddling on Falls Pond
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00136

All last year I wanted to take my kayak out on Falls Pond and I never got around to putting it on my car. This morning after Allison and the kids left I made sure that I put the kayak on my car before Krav Maga class. It took very little time. I don’t know why I find that my huge hurdle for going kayaking but it is. After a nice workout I went out on the water for two purposes. The first was to get out on the water and paddle and also make a 360 video of that paddle. the second reason was to take close up look at a house for sale. I explain all about the house in the video below.

If you watch the entire video you hear me mention turtles. There were a ton of them sunning themselves. I think that the next time I get out on the water I will bring my camera with the long zoom so I can get some better shots. The cell phone shots just don’t cut it.

Turtle Time