Heading Home

I’m heading home from LA today. I was just here for a couple of hours last night and on my way to the planes that will take me back via DFW and then onto PVD. Last night I went with the rest of the group to a place called Cafe Boogaloo on hermosa beach. (Sorry I didn’t call Uncle Jim, I thought I’d be taking the later flight from Fresno and not going anywhere last night. Next time I come to town.). I had a great flat iron steak with a ragout of mushrooms, beans and fried onions. It was much better than I just described. There was a performer there called Christopher Cotton. When I get back on high speed I’ll see about finding his website and posting the pictures I took.

Please keep the prayers coming for Great-Uncle Richard, he’s still in the ICU but his kidney function is beginning to improve. And if he knew I was soliciting prayers for him he wouldn’t be too happy. He’s one of the most generous people I know as well as the most self-sacrificing and independent. The day before the surgery he was ready to rip out all the tubes and walk home. Anyway, get better, Uncle Richard, so you can come back and read about what has been happening on the blog. (Uncle Richard reads the blog daily when he is at home.)