Printing Something For Me

chain axe
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01946

After about a week and a half of non stop printing of a sword for my Sensei I decided that I ould print something fun for myself. I’ve been wanting a double bladed battle axe for Comicons but I cannot find one that I really like. So, I found a file for a Warhammer Chain Axe (Axe + Chainsaw) that I am going to modify to make into a double bladed Chain Axe. It will take some time to manipulate the files but I think in the end it might be pretty amazing. It took the file and scaled it up to 150% of the size and then had to split the file to print it and this part here is going to take 36+ hours to print. It is going to be massive.

Cinco De Mayo 2024

Cinco De Mayo
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01945

Each year I have two special drinks. A Guinness at Saint Patrick’s Day and a Margarita for Cinco De Mayo. Tonight Allison made tacos as well as some very tasty margaritas. Andy had a virgin one with just the sour mix. they seemed to like it. But they really liked loading up on tacos.

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