Psych: Murder? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

This has some spoilers it is a recap. Also I don’t have the video to embed because I am in the UK and can’t access Hulu. I will add it later when I get home.

This past Friday’s episode of Psych has to have been the most 80’s reference laden one yet and I loved it. For one thing the guys went to their High School Reunion and Gus was the one who planned the entire event complete with a slide show of his best moments as a male cheerleader. I know he called it something else but Shawn insisted on calling him a male cheerleader. What is so great about these guys is that even though they are so so different they are still true friends and support each other in what they do, even if they make fun of each other for it.

There were many great references to Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club and then a rundown of tons of John Hughes movies. I loved the part where Shawn and his Dad were in the car and Shawn asked his dad for his underwear. Classic. And the fact that no one was getting the references was wildly funny to me. And the fact that I got them all made me love the show even more.

Shawn also has a lost love and while he is solving the murder at the Reunion he finds closure to that relationship and he also reveals to the audience how much he is in love with Juliette. Even Lassiter was part of the reunion because he was on a date with a brute chick who was very mean to him. And through the course of the evening he finds that she was doing something illegal so he got to arrest her. He is all smiles and tells the guys that he was on the best date ever.

Shawn and Gus of course solve the case and then Shawn did something very nice for Gus, he gave Gus the major credit for the case. He also expressed how much Gus has been a great person in his life and how successful Gus really is. Gus had been voted most likely to succeed and on the surface doesn’t look that successful but in reality he is successful. One of my favorite episodes so far. It was a very strong one for the season.