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Ride to Ice Cream Machine

Photo-A-Day #6

Today I went to the Ice Cream Machine in Cumberland, RI. I took my motorcycle for a ride and ended up there. I also passed 1000km with my bike, kinda sad seeing as I’ve had it for three seasons and have only put that many miles on it. But this season will be much better, I plan to fill the bike up for its third, fourth and probably fifth time this season. (It gets 70+ miles to the gallon and holds 3 gallons in the tank. or some version of that same scenarios but with metric. Either way it goes a long way between fill ups.). I took a picture at 1000km too.

This photo is featured in my new video series Photo-A-Day Podcast You can Watch it below.

Been out on my Motorcycle

It has been a while since we have posted anything, sorry about that. Nothing major to report, very quiet weekend. Allison has begun her training for the 3-Day in earnest. We walked about 7 miles on Saturday and about 4 miles on Sunday.

It was Tara’s Birthday on Saturday and we went there for Cake and Ice Cream, and some Homemade soda. Erik’s Dad Howard got them a Soda Maker from The Soda Club.

Before that we went to a clam cake and chowder dinner at Sacred Heart Church with my mom. Good clam cakes, can’t wait for the summer.

I got to go on a nice long motorcycle ride on Friday afternoon while it was beautiful out. Took the bike all the way to South Attleboro to pick up some comic books from Wild Time Comics. I’ve been hitting the gym at the Y with Erik a couple of days a week. Starting to get myself trained to run a little.

Bought a trunk rack for bikes this past weekend at the East Providence Cycle Bike show. There were some good deals there. I’m all set to get out and hit some trails, soon. Summer can’t come fast enough.