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In Vancouver Mild and Foggy….

I have arrived in Vancouver. My suitcase has seen better days and was beat up pretty badly on this flight. I must also mention that this is actually Shelby’s suitcase that I’ve been borrowing. So looks like I owe someone a new suitcase. There’s nothing like getting your suitcase after going through customs in Montreal and finding the entire top wet, pieces hanging off and broken zippers. Unfortunately, or fortunately, when I got to Vancouver the suitcase was dry and the extent of the damage wasn’t as severe as I first observed. However when I opened the suitcase in the hotel room I noticed that there was a problem with the zipper and around the zipper were a couple of tears. Not thrilled about that.

I experienced something on this flight that I have never experienced before on a domestic US flight. Body Odor! I’m not talking, hey its a little stinky in here, I’m talking full on, honkin’, dirty underwear in the sun all day, STINK. I finally made my flight. I ran from security to the gate and just made it.

So, being the model of shape and health I was sucking wind like nobodies business when I got to my seat. BIG MISTAKE!!! I think I took years off my life with those few gasps in the plane. Eventually throughout the flight the smell wasn’t as strong until the plane landed and these people began to move. Again my sense of smell was assaulted with the diversity of customs that make our land great. What makes me wonder is how can these people adopt the way of life of the gangsta rapper but totally be oblivious of soap, shampoo and deodorant. We just need ODB to rap, “A spritz under the pits is the shiznizits” and maybe the rest of us can breathe easier.

Okay I’m sorry, But, I landed safely and the land out here is beautiful. I’m on the 16th floor overlooking the mountains at every turn. They are awesome. I’ll post some photos once the fog clears.