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Photo-A-Day Problems

Okay there is no picture on the blog for the Photo-A-Day. The blog this function for buzznet doesn’t seem to be working, but once it is I will post up the photo here. In the meantime you can see today’s Photo-A-Day by going to this link. Buzznet Photo-A-Day.

So I haven’t posted a lot lately. I did make mention of the fact that Allison and I are heading to Boston on Thursday night to see the Serenity preview. I can’t wait. I’ll have a good photo from that hopefully.

When I went to the see the Serenity trailer I noticed a lot of other trailers out there from some funny and interesting movies that are coming soon.

First off is Batman Begins. Some exciting news about this movie is that it is being pushed up on its release date.

And there is a newer trailer for Fantastic Four too. And it isn’t as bad as the first one that came out, in fact I may even be a little excited to see this one. I figure it will be sorta like the hulk movie, which, while it was visually interesting wasn’t much of a good movie all in all. But I have higher hopes for Fantastic Four because it is less CGI dependent.

And I can’t resist an Owen Wilson movie especially when he is paired with Vince Vaughn. And that is what you get with the Wedding Crashers. Two guys whose mission is to crash weddings and hook up with the single ladies at the weddings.

I don’t know a lot about this movie The House of D, but it looks like an interesting one.

How about web comics. What have I been reading lately…

Dr. Devious vs. Lincoln High. The premise is that an evil genius from a James Bond type movie has been incarcerated for 30 years and when he gets out is put to work as a High School Biology teacher. And some of his henchmen are also teachers in the school. The comic isn’t that old yet and there are only about 100 comics so far. Quick and easy to get caught up.

Real Life. I finally finished reading through the backlog of this comic. And it is one of my favorite ones so far. Greg Dean has a great style and some fantastic humor.

So check these out and enjoy.

Also, tonight Allison and I watched the first two episodes of Firefly, titled Serenity. To get ready for the Serenity movie. Confused, you shouldn’t be, you should buy the Firefly DVD on the right and get caught up and be prepared for September 30th. Can’ Stop the Signal!