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More Dungeons and Dragons Gifts

Dungeons and Dragons T-Shirt
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00708

Eva is so interested in Dungeons & Dragons. We were given a couple of great t-shirts and a hoodie for free recently. I showed you the one with the classic D&D cartoon characters. We also received a special dragon from Safari Limited. This is the Wizard Dragon. I received this for free as well a while back. I picked this because it would be fantastic for us to play Dungeons and Dragons together. I think this should be on top of a dice tower. I ordered a dice tower for Eva to build and it was so small so the dragon was towering over the tower.

If you are thinking of some Dungeons and Dragons gifts for your friends and family I can help you our. I have links below to Amazon.com for the Dungeons and Dragons T-Shirts. If you want to pick up some fun dragons from Safari Limited you can use my link and a discount code. You can use the code DREW and get 20% off your order. Use this link to Safari Limited.