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Apple iPhone

This is coming out for Cingular around June. Announced today is Apple’s new iPhone and I am truly impressed. This thing is fantastic. Yes, I have been a staunch PC person for years and have balked at many things Apple (even though our first computer for the family was an Apple IIC and I loved it.) The announcement today of the iPhone is just an awesome revolutionary bit of technology.

Here are the features.

Phone – Easy Merging of calls.

Voicemail – Visual Voicemail, choose which voicemail to listen to first, just like e-mail.

SMS – Predictive soft keyboard that helps prevent mistakes.

Photos – 2 megapixel camera with a 3.5″ screen, sweet. Can also sync with photos on your MAC or PC

Internet – Web browsing with safari.

E-mail – Rich e-mail client that can display text and graphics.

Google Maps – Built right in.

Widgets – stock reports and weather among other things.

Multi-touch – a high functioning touch screen interface.

Intelligent keyboard – QUERTY keyboard, more efficient that plastic keyboards on other smart phones.

OS X – Yes, it runs OS X.

Wi-Fi – uses Wi-Fi and Cingular’s edge network for internet access.

Sensors – Sensors switch display from portrait to landscape depending upon how the device is positioned.

Music – Scroll through album covers.

Video – View video from iTunes (There is one of the funniest clips from The Office on the website.) 3.5″ screen.

Storage – 4GB or 8GB like an iPod Nano.

Even the Webcomics have gotten into the iPhone thing. I knew Scott Kurtz would jump on this. Great Ferris Bueller hoamge too.