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Happy Leap Year 2012

Photo-A-Day #2518

We had a nice Leap Day with friends. We went over to see our friends Michele and Bob for pulled pork. Allison and Eva made some delicious s’mores brownies. We enjoyed a nice night of friendship food and our kids having tons of fun.

Before we went over to see Michele and Bob we ran a few errands. Still looking for that TV that I’ve promised myself I’d buy with part of my bonus and the money from the Kia Twitter Party. I’m still trying to decide on which one to buy. I’ve looked all around at Target, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Sears and Amazon. I talked with a few of the salespeople and the consensus is that this month the new TVs will be hitting the stores. I then figure that maybe we should wait till after vacation is over to get the TV. That and some shades for the windows in the living room. I’m looking to hopefully find a TV that has wi-fi built in at least 120 Hz, LED and is between 46 and 55 inches. I’ve been dying to see some things on a screen that large. The TV we have now is a flatscreen LCD that is 27 inches and it has been great. I bought it at Comp USA back in 2005 I think and it has served us really well in that time. But now is the time to step into something larger.

After our errands we dropped over to visit my parents. Eva got to spend some time playing with my Mom and Dad. They both got some time to hold Andrew. Andrew was charming. Eva was cute and funny but I think wanted to have special time all her own. She’s really pretty good about having a baby brother but occasionally she gets a little bent nose. Not often but it comes out once in a while. But she had a nice time and then had play time with her friend to take her mind off not being the center of attention all the time.

Oh and the brownies were awesome!

Kia’s “Drive the Dream” Twitter Party


I’m not a sports guy. I love tech, nerdy things, comedy and movies. For the better part of the year I use my DVR and fast forward through all commercials. If I catch a commercial it is certainly not on purpose. Not so with the Big Game. Every year I watch for the funniest commercials, the movie trailers and pretty much everything except for the football taking place.

This year I will be on the lookout for the Kia “Drive the Dream” commercial. The commercial will be showcasing Kia’s 2012 Optima Limited. I’m participating in a Twitter Party on Thursday February 2, 2012 from 7-8pm EST to get the word out about the commercial and also get a chance to check it out before it debuts. I’ve seen a few teaser videos for the commercial and also know about the content of the commercial (see Press Release below for more info). I’m looking forward to Mötley Crüe performing Kickstart Your Heart (my favorite Mötley Crüe song) being a part of this commercial as well as seeing what crazy dreams come from the mind of a guy who gets a super shot of “Sweet Dreams” from Mr. Sandman.

The commercial is 60 seconds long and will air in the fourth quarter of the Big Game. Prior to that date the commercial will air at movie theaters across the country on more than 18,000 movie screens nationwide in National CineMedia’s FirstLook pre-show program before airing in the game. Continue reading Kia’s “Drive the Dream” Twitter Party