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Finding a 35 Year Old Peanuts Coloring Book

Photo-A-Day #3865

Snoopy Train Coloring Book and Transformers Adventure Book

This morning when I went to Church I stopped in to my parent’s house. My mom said that she had found some of my old Snoopy books from when I was a kid. The I picked through them and found the two books above. The Snoopy Train coloring book was something that I remember coloring when I was a kid. The thing is, the first page is the only one that I have colored. The rest of the book is blank. I either had two books or I just never colored the rest of the book.

I remember this books vividly. I remember sitting at my Grandparent’s dinner table at the Wareham house and coloring that picture. It is one of my most intact childhood memories or maybe it is a whole group of memories from that house rolled into one. The second scenario is more likely the case. When I think of that house there are many things I remember, Fishing, Crepes, Transformers, Playing Pool, Benji Come Home, Spirograph, Bigfoot and Snoopy. Continue reading Finding a 35 Year Old Peanuts Coloring Book

Best Friends of Christmas

Photo-A-Day #2799

I’m still doing the December Photo Challenge for YesVideo and today’s photo was to be of Best Friends. I was going to get the kittens together but James was licking himself most inappropriately right on top of Toruun and well, nobody needed to see that, least of all me and Allison.

So I opted for Snoopy and his pal Woodstock. They are the best friends of Christmas that I think of.