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Happy 10th Sweet Suite!

Happy 10th Sweet Suite
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00205

Today was the 10th Sweet Suite. I was there as one of the Toy Insider parents. It was a fun night filled with great toys. But first I had some other things to do.

My friend Becky was able to get us time at YouTube Space NYC. We were able to record there for 4 hours prior to the start of Sweet Suite. Before that we had to grab some food.

Japanese Inspired Tacos

We had lunch at a Japanese inspired taco place called Takumi Taco and the tacos were amazing. I especially liked the nacho chips that they had as well. I loved the roasted corn slaw that they had as a side also. That was inspired.

The Doughnuttery

We picked up some dessert before we went up to YouTube Space NYC. I picked up some tiny donuts from the Doughnuttery. They had this little machine that made and fried the doughnuts. Then it flipped them into a bin. Next they put them in bags and shook them with sugar. They were great for showing at the table at the diner. We were in the diner scene at YouTube Space. Which brings me to …

At YouTube Space NYC

You Tube Space NYC was very cool. We went in and picked up some equipment including the biggest tripod I’ve ever seen, and that was the smallest one. We set up three cameras and proceeded to create 4 videos. There were two for each of our channels. We have to have them approved before they can be seen but they will be coming.

With Cosplayers Getting Coffee

When we got to Sweet Suite we were right up at the front of the line and we got in and were able to see the Cosplayers Getting Coffee group. There were a bunch of them there and the majority were Marvel characters. I did not get nearly enough photos with them either. Becky and I walked all around Sweet Suite for the next five hours and saw so many people and tons of great toys! I will have a ton to unbox in the coming months.

Sweet Suite 2018 Recap

Breakfast at Cracker Barrel

For the first time since attending Sweet Suite the event was opened up to the children of attendees. This was a huge deal for us because that meant that Eva and Andrew could come and see an event that daddy has attended for years. What is more important, though, was they could meet the people that I have worked with who supply us with toys for our reviews. It is important to me that the kids know that the toys don’t just appear out of thin air, even though it may seem that way. Knowing the people behind the scenes is important to me and I wanted it to be important to them. It was also important for Allison to see how crazy things get during events and how hard it can be to try and get the most information, photos and video. I was very glad that she was there to help wrangle the kids or stay with one when they wanted to explore something further. I think we may have made it around to all of the booths. Continue reading Sweet Suite 2018 Recap