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My Overworked Headphones

Busted Headphones
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01218

For the past two years I’ve been working at home and in during that time I purchased some really nice headphones. These headphones connect to both my XBox and my phone. I am able to watch shows while I work and also take calls without ever having to take them off. Well, I guess the wear and tear of taking them off and putting them back on again put stress on the headphones and they snapped at a critical point. I have no idea how a break would happen in that spot but it must be how I take them off and put them on. The break is right below where the headphones can swivel from side to side and where they flex out a bit. The break was all the way through, too. I first attempted to use super glue on it but that did not work very well so I then put duct tape on it to keep it together. It works, for now. Nothing internal to the device was broken but now I have a big silver piece of duct tape on the side of it. Luckily it is not too noticeable in my videos.

Stickers and Organization

Stickers and organization
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01188

My electronics are almost always covered in stickers. I had ordered a bunch of Marvel and Transformers stickers a while back and gave a bunch to Andy and to my nephew Dylan. After giving so many away I had a bunch left over. They had been in a stack on my desk until today. I was looking at my computer and there was a large bare side that needed some decoration. I also use command strip hooks so I can hang up my headphones. I had actually taken a photo of this before this one and then looked over the cords attached to the front of the computer. I figured that I should go and take the USB items off the front ports to neaten things up but it makes accessing the charging cords for my xBox controller batteries and my headphones easier. I was able to add the headphone charging cord to the back of the computer and the xBox controller charging item will just be moved to the top of the computer. It looks neater. I have a USB hub that I use to switch all my things like the mouse and keyboard and microphone between my desktop and my work laptop computers. Trying to make an aesthetically pleasing and functional setup here.