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The Code has been broken…

This morning I finished The Da Vinci Code. It was definitely worth the read. I suggest that you go out, get it and read it. That is about all that happened today. Not much else to report.

I am looking forward to heading home. Although, talking to Allison, I think I’d much rather have the weather here than at home. If it wasn’t for the lack of trees and grass it would be a good place to stay.

I did go to a neat little place during lunch called the El Paso Connection. They had some fantastic furniture that Marcia would love. Sorry Marcia, I didn’t rent a U-Haul while I was here. They had a ton of southwestern stuff. There were many rooms throughout the huge building and each one was covered floor to ceiling with knick knacks, trinkets and all sorts of things. It’d be a neat place to furnish a country home or rustic cabin as well.

Sorry, no picture of the place today.