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The first volume of season one of the Thundercats is on DVD. I loved this show. It had everything, strong characters, a fantasy world, swords, Cheetara and the Thundertank. Panthro was the McGuyver of Third Earth.

Also on DVD is the complete series of the WildC.A.T.S. – this was my favorite comic book in college. I have every issue of that book, then I even have all of volume 2’s issues and I started collecting volume 3, but it became to gritty and no longer fun. I liked the heyday of Image comic books when the teams were still fairly innocent in terms of the things they dealt with, not thrilled with the turn to a more mature (think FX original series like The Shield and Rescue Me are today’s WildC.A.T.S. and The A-Team and Airwolf was the WildC.A.T.S. teams of yesterday.) I liked the whole storyline of the WildC.A.T.S. A Covert Action Team in a secret war against aliens that were demonlike in appearance. I even did a presentation in my Etymology class in college about the etymology of the names of the characters and the races of aliens and how that related to the overall story. It was a good presentation. The Saturday morning cartoon was pretty well done. Too bad it was short lived. If WildC.A.T.S. took off it would have been a great Comic Book movie.

Man, back when I collected comic books like crazy I was really into them, then I began to focus solely on the WildStorm books, I made a web page back in college about those comic books and aspired to work for WildStorm as their webmaster. Now WildStorm is part of DC comics and their site is great but back in the day it was terrible.

I remember filling up my entire account with my website and having little wars with Frank the webmaster of the college about giving me more space. But he hoarded that space (Which at the time was 2 MB per student, Can you imagine) And I wanted another 2 MB so I could put up a better site. But that is okay because a few years later I took his job as webmaster at the college. The feud continued, but the veil had been lifted through my accessibility to the staff of the college. The web was no longer something controlled by the angry programming guys who made you feel stupid for not knowing all about Unix and who built back doors into everything so they could keep control. Nope, I controlled the website and I got things done. Too bad the college didn’t recognize that until the day I quit to work for Leading Edge Media. But I digress.

WildStorm used to have a Collectible Card game too. It was referred to as the WildStorm CCG. I used to buy the cards by the case. 4 boxes to a case. I still have all my cards and didn’t get a complete set of cards. I should complete that set and get rid of my extra cards. The game was actually fun to play and can still be played online. There are even some folks who still have sites up about the WildStorm CCG, I think I used to trade with a few of them. We would trade through a newsgroup back in 1995-1996. All text no pictures. The dark ages. Some people even created their own sets of cards. Here are some sites that feature the WildStorm CCG.

  • DMW Wildstorms CCG
  • WildStorms CCG Yahoo Group
  • JP’s WildStorms Revival Site
  • WildStorms CCG Gateway

Well that was an interesting nostalgia trip. When searching those sites I recognized a lot of folks I used to trade with. Funny. Some sites are actually still updated while others are exactly as I remember them.

Okay so I continued strolling around memory lane and decided to Google my old e-mail address from college. I came back with two hits.

  • Resume Tutorial – My resume used for a college tutorial.
  • The NH Ski Club Directory – Hmm, I was a member for one year back in 1998.