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Found Wheeljack at Dollar General

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01808

A friend of mine sent me a Tik Tok today about there being a sale at Dollar General on LEGO sets. I looked up my local store and it said that a lot of the sets were out of stock but I decided to go anyway on my way to work. I’m glad that I did because I found a bunch of LEGO sets that I got for 50% off plus some additional discounts for picking up $75 worth of toys. While I was there I found this Wheeljack figure that was under $5. It is a simplistic one probably made specifically to be in dollar stores but it is of my favorite Transformer, Wheeljack so I picked it up. It was a great look and transforms easily. I’ll be displaying it on my desk in my office.

Transformers G.I. JOE Crossover Figure Megatron H.I.S.S Tank with The Baroness

Megatron H.ISS Tank
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01570

I decided to pick up the latest Transformers and G.I.JOE crossover vehicle which is Megatron as a COBRA H.I.S.S. tank with the action figure of The Baroness. I was pretty excited when I saw this because I always thought that the Transformers and G.I.JOE were from the same universe and wished that they would cross over. Several years back there were some great comic books put out that reimagined that very thing where COBRA discovered the dormant Transformers and converted them into their vehicles. They only seemed to use the Decepticons for that which conveniently set things up for G.I. JOE to find the Autobots and work with them to battle COBRA and the Decepticons. I have heard rumors that another one of these crossover vehicles will be coming and they are going to use Soundwave with the Dreadnoks Thunder Machine vehicle. I’d be first in line to get that one.