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DreamWorks Trollhunters Part 3 on Netflix May 25

TrollHunters Season 3

One of my favorite cartoons on Netflix has to be Trollhunters. I loved season 1 and enjoyed season 2. Season 3 is launching this Friday and I can’t wait. season (or rather Part) 3 is the final season of Guillermo del Toro’s Emmy-winning series. This does not mean it is the end of adventure in Arcadia. In fact I believe that this series finale will most likely set up the next new series in the Tales of Arcadia trilogy 3 Below. Although, from the trailer it looks to me that the upcoming series, Wizards is being teased. Take a look at the trailer.

Here is more information about the final season and also a look ahead to more Tales of Arcadia. Continue reading DreamWorks Trollhunters Part 3 on Netflix May 25

The Top 10 Things on Netflix in 2018 #StreamTeam

Altered Carbon

Get ready to binge watch Netflix because if 2017 is any indication, 2018 is going to be a pretty incredible year from Netflix. Now, I do not know everything that is going to be on Netflix in 2018, new series, specials and movies are being announced all the time. But, because I am a Netflix Stream Team member I have access to see some of the things that are coming earlier than most. For 2018 Netflix has asked the Stream Team members to talk about what they are most looking forward to in 2018. I figured that I’d give a Top 10 list of what I am looking forward to. This past year I binged so many different series and shows that the first two items on the list that I am looking forward to are second seasons of shows that I really enjoyed.

  1. Ozark Season 2 – It took me a while before I gave this show a chance even though I love Jason Bateman. I’ve been a fan ever since he was on Silver Spoons. I’m pretty sure I’ve watched almost everything that he’s ever done and in Ozark he not only acts but directs and he does a great job with it. Season 2 is set to return in 2018 and I am eagerly awaiting it.
  2. Jessica Jones Season 2 – Set to return on March 8th this Marvel hero show is one of the better ones to have come out of the series of grittier shows highlighting more of Marvel’s somewhat grounded characters in Hell’s Kitchen, New York. Jessica is a smart-ass private investigator with super strength but she doesn’t want to use her powers or embrace the hero thing. We last saw Jessica in Marvel’s The Defenders and she was a bright spot in that series.
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