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Travel Rant: Trip to Vancouver…

Things that puzzle me on a plane. Why do the flight attendants show you how to put on your seat belt well after you are expected to have your seat belt on. I mean, you have to be really dim not to figure out how to put on a seat belt, but who are these people that actually need instruction on this?

Gotta love the FAA and their bureaucratic, well thought out, rules. What they should really show people on a plane is how to put their carry on bags in the overhead bins. I know that the flight attendants and pilots make announcements that the roll on bags need to go in wheels first but 80% of the geniuses that I see getting on the plane always put the roll away bags in the bins incorrectly.

I know that some people are special and common sense does not apply to them, but really! It makes more sense to put the bag in the correct way, so that you can take the bag off correctly when the plane comes to a complete stop and the captain has turned off the seat belt sign. That way you won’t be the piece of human cholesterol who is clogging up the tiny – not wide enough for the drink cart and evidently part of my elbow (each one whacked – right on the first leg of the trip, left on the second)- aisle. Gotta love the human cholesterol.

I’m having a be kind to your fellow man kind of day. Could it be that I went to bed super late and got up super early. Maybe. It certainly wasn’t from a disappointing evening of baseball watching. Way to go Red Sox! Johnny Damon, awesome! He may look like Charles Manson at the moment but he comes through in the clutch.

But my elation at the team winning was dampened by watching the news report of the moronic jackasses who took to the streets of Kenmore Square and started destroying public and private property. I was really waiting for those idiots to electrocute themselves on the stoplights. Just waiting for a Darwin moment.

I wish I had taken American Airlines for each of my visits out to Vancouver. It was so easy getting to DFW and then to my plane for Vancouver. Better than going through Toronto or Montreal and panicking about missing my plane because of the line at customs. I’m looking forward to getting back to Vancouver. I’ll try to take lots of pictures.