A few changes…

I need to change the description above because this blog is going to have occasional podcasts, well once I get a camera. Any sponsors out there wanting to help me out. One of the changes around here is that I will be updating more often as I am now blogging for PayU2Blog and I received a ton of assignments right away, that is pretty awesome because Allison and I are trying to make enough for Allison to stay home with the baby. So I need to supplement our income with additional sponsored blogging.

The quality of the posts will not go down, in fact I think it will get better because I will be on the lookout for things to write about that deal with outdoor activities and kayaking. If you know of an outdoor website or you have one of your own let me know and I’ll write up a review for your blog. You can even hire me for a sponsored post on this blog.

I know that there have been some spammers trying to get free links to their blogs and websites by leaving comments. If that is you don’t think your link is going to get through. I welcome comments. However, I don’t approve comments that put “keywords” as the name. Sorry, you are a spammer in my eyes. I don’t now anyone named “financial help”. Nope, if you would like that keyword on this blog then go ahead and click the PayPerPost Direct “Hire Me” button over there on the right hand side. I will research your site and give it a fair review. Don’t go trying to steal PR and links from me.

I am removing the bumpzee module because it is slowing down the load time on this blog. When I can find a spot to place it I will return it to this and my other blogs.

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