A New Cereal Monster Is On The Loose

New Monster Mash Cereals
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Sure, Halloween is a few months away and we are just getting into the thick of Summer, but I wanted to let you know of something fun on the horizon. General Mills cereal sent me two cereals for the Halloween season for free to enjoy. We have known about the monster cereals for years: Count Chocula, Boo Berry, Frute Brute, Yummy Mummy and Franken Berry. This Halloween season The monsters are back but they are being joined by a brand new monster, the first in 35 years! This will also be the first female monster of the bunch. She’s a scrappy DJ Zombie named Carmella Creeper.

Halloween’s hottest haunters are back together and, for the first time in 35 years, are joined by a new Monster!

Following fan speculation and excitement, General Mills is introducing the newest frightening member of the Monsters Cereal crew: Carmella Creeper.

Carmella — an edgy zombie DJ — is the first female Monster, bringing a fresh take to the Monsters’ dynamic.

Carmella is ready to shake things up with the squad at the Monsters’ haunted mansion and she’s even getting her own box of cereal! Carmella Creeper Cereal is a caramel apple-flavored sweetened cereal with colored Monster marshmallows.

The Monsters Cereals have been a mainstay in Halloween memories since their debut in 1971 with the introduction of Count Chocula and Franken Berry. Over the years, General Mills has surprised fans with the addition of new characters, monster-themed music, animations and more.

This year, the smashing spooksters are together both on shelves and in your cereal bowl thanks to the launch of Monster Mash Remix Cereal! The remix features all six Monsters (Carmella Creeper, Count Chocula, Boo Berry, Frute Brute, Yummy Mummy and Franken Berry) in one box — a fresh take on the previous limited-edition 50th anniversary mash-up cereal.

This year’s full Monsters cereal line-up also includes Count Chocula, Franken Berry and Boo Berry, for a total of five different ways to enjoy the frightfully delicious cereals. All Monsters Cereals will be available at retailers nationwide for $3.99 (regular) and $4.93 (family size) later this summer, so keep an eye out.

“It’s been some time since the Monsters brand has expanded its lineup of iconic characters, each with their own spooky story to tell. Now, a new Monster is here, and she’s ready to shake things up,” said Mindy Murray, Sr. Marketing Communications Manager at General Mills. “The cereal isn’t the only thing Carmella is dropping — stay tuned for more spine-chilling surprises this spooky season.”

To learn more about Carmella Creeper and the rest of the Monsters, visit monsterscereal.com.