All New Pipes

all new pipes
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01582

Today our plumber got to work on the downstairs pipes. He ran into a few snags, though. He got most of the re-piping done around the laundry area. So much that was done in the past was done so wrong. He fixed up all of it to run more efficiently and to look much better, too. He discovered one pipe that was totally cracked and it is a wonder that it never failed on us. He also discovered that the pipe from the second floor bathroom that brings everything down from up there was basically two pipes resting on each other, not connected, just resting on each other. We are finding too many things like this.

Andy made sorbet

Tonight Andy made a wonderful strawberry/pineapple sorbet using their Ninja Creami. Andy also climbed a 5.9 at rock Climbing and that was a bit accomplishment for Andy.