Allison’s New Car

Allisons New Car
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00876

Tonight Allison and I went to test drive some cars over at the Kia dealership. My lease is up June 1 and it was time to get a new lease. This time the new car goes to Allison. I will take her current car as my own until we pay that off and then we will look at a lease for me. I’ll probably want another Kia Forte since that was a solid reliable car that I enjoyed driving. Allison had wanted a Kia Sorento but it is outside of our price range. So, we checked out the Kia Sportage instead. The car is comparable to her current ride and she liked it. I was planning on coming back the next day to do all the paperwork and turn in my car but we were able to take the test drive and work the deal all in an hour and a half. It was the shortest time I’d ever spent there. I go back tomorrow to pick it up. We made a quick video outside the dealership before we went home.