Allison’s New Sweater

Allisons Cable Sweater
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00769

Allison has been working for two years on her new sweater. She’s been working so hard on it and it is now complete. This past week she finished all of the knitting and then she blocked it and sewed t all together. Today she got to try it on for the first time. She did an amazing job on it.

Allison had Eva take her photo out in the snow and when I woke up I wanted to take one as well. We had Eva take a photo of both of us in the sweaters that Allison made out in the snowfall too. She made mine back in 2010. I posted to Facebook that mine took her five years to make, but it did not. I guess it took her nine months to make mine. Mine is a replica of a sweater that a character wore in a TV show that we both enjoyed very much.

Lots of cables

Tonight was the Super Bowl and we had appetizer dinner like we always do. The other day Andy and I went to Target and he asked me for a giant tub of Cheese balls. After he ate his dinner he also wanted the bowl of cheese balls. He took the bowl and a spoon. Allison asked him if he was planning on eating them with the spoon. He told her that he was not but that was a great suggestion and so he did eat them with the spoon. He’s an imp.

Cheeseballs for a Cheeseball