Alton Brown’s New Adventure

Last night Allison and I stayed up, bleary-eyed, to watch the newest installment in Alton’s Brown’s culinary questing. This time he’s taken off the motorcycle helmet, donned a Hawaiian shirt and set sail in the Caribbean. Alton’s new show is called Feasting on Waves. In the show Alton and his team are aboard two boats and visiting the islands in the Caribbean. The first episode started at Saint Kitts and a storm forced the team to go to Saint Barts instead of their intended destination.

I know that the show is pretty frenetic and the camera angles are wacky plus the boom mic guy is in almost every shot, but I love it. I love the rawness of the show. I love how Alton interacts with all the people that he meets. I like that he has a handheld camera with him all the time too.

In this episode we see Alton learn how to make Bush Tea, visit the restaurant that inspired “Cheeseburger in Paradise” and have a fricasseed lobster dish. I’m excited about watching this show because I eat up everything (pun intended) that Alton produces. And I’m happy to hear that he’s signed on for 3 more years at Food Network.

I just read a very cool interview with Alton Brown by the guys at Gizmodo. They talk gadgets with him.

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  1. B,
    I looked everywhere online to find them. I think it requires another viewing of the show to get the names. Luckily Food Network will play the episode like 15 times before the next one airs.

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