An Introduction – Daily Vlog 1

I have decided to start vlogging daily. I’ll be taking and making videos for YouTube each day for the whole of 2016. What will appear below each vlog is the transscript of what I say in the vlog. So, you have the option of watching the video, which I how you will, or reading what I say in the video, or both.

Vlog Transcript:

Hi This is Drew Bennett from and my friend Annie Stow, she just spent the past year taking a video every single day and posting it to YouTube. She really created a great YouTube presence over at Stowed Stuff. She is really inspiring to me. So, I’ve done videos off and on. I do a lot of stuff with toys as you can see there are toys all over the place. I am also part of the Netflix Stream Team so you can see the Netflix logo on my shirt. This was actually from last night as it was New Year’s.

It is the first day of the new year and I have to go back to work. I work weekend overnights and it’s kind of rough. I haven’t been there in one week and so getting back tonight I suspect I will fall asleep at some point during the shift. I try not to but it is gonna happen. I work the weekend nights and…

What I love is toys. I love talking about toys and reviewing toys and so what I am going to try and do for this coming year, for 2016 is do some sort of video featuring some of the toys that I may have around here. I’ve got a ton of things that I haven’t opened and I’ve been saying for years that I am going to do that and I haven’t. I’ve shown a few things.

I’m on Instagram under the name BenSpark. I’m on Twitter under the name BenSpark. I’ve been blogging at for 13 years. And here on this Youtube Channel. It doesn’t have the name Benspark it’s abennett96. You can find me here. I’ve got plenty of subscribers who are great people and I’d love to hear from you. I’m going to be a lot more interactive on YouTube making videos. Whether they’re just these ones where I’m just talking or they’re ones that feature the toys that I wanna talk about. So expect Transformers. Expect some Star Wars stuff. Expect Funko Pop figures and Hot Wheels and Books and toys.. just all sorts of things.

And I also love to travel too so I’m hoping that I get to travel at some point this year. I have a trip lined up to. I’m going to Dad 2.0. Maybe get my mojo back as far as blogging. I mean I’ve enjoyed blogging.

I’ve also taken a photograph every single day for over 10 years. While you can’t see all of them right now on my blog because the place they were hosted at just kinda tanked. I will have them up and fixed at some point where you can see all of them, hopefully. I’m still doing it. Taking a photograph every single day so I’m actually finishing up year which would be 10. Year 11 starts in April on my 42nd birthday. I started on my 31st birthday. I’ve been doing a lot of photography which leads me to the Samsung Imageloggers.

I am part of the Samsung Imageloggers. At least for now. Hopefully they will keep me on. I would love it if they do. I’ve been photographing with a lot of their equipment like the NX500, the NX1, NX30. Tons of different lenses, just some really cool stuff. And so I’m gonna use this year to take some video and do a lot of vlogging and hopefully I can improve on some of my verbal tics like you can tell where I say “um” a lot and like extend things out. Um but yep, um again. So we’ll see what’s coming.

My name is Drew Bennett from and I hope that you join me for 2016 for all sorts of things and thanks for watching.