Andy’s Boba Tea Adventure

Andy At Kimochi
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01682

Andy now has a cell phone. Well, we got Andy a phone because Andy will be at a new school and Allison will not be at the school and we wanted them to have a phone. so, last week Eva and I went to Xfinity and got her a new phone and transferred her old phone to a new number for Andy. Andy will get the phone when school starts. We’ve been setting it up so that it has all the parental controls and such and we have a system in place so that Andy puts the phone aside at night.

Andy is always coming up with ideas. The latest idea was to take his phone and walk up to Kimochi to get boba for Allison and Eva. Andy wanted to do this alone. We’re not comfortable with that so Andy and I talked and they would walk and I would walk a ways behind them up to Kimochi. Andy did agreed and today we went to do this. The walk was good. Andy got there and ordered all the drinks. They got a drink for Eva, Allison and themselves. We had discussed what Andy would do to get the drinks home. Andy figured that one of those drink carriers would be fine and so I had Andy put the drinks in the holder and start carrying them back. Andy wanted to do this all himself, by himself. I knew that it would be a bit of a challenge and there were factors to consider.

So I let that play out. We got out of the store and we were walking back. I was walking in front of Andy and they were carrying the drinks behind me. A woman and her daughter passed us and I heard her say, “Do you need help with that?”. I turned and saw that Andy was having a little trouble keeping all the drinks upright. So, I took one off the carrier and would carry that with me and Andy would carry the other two drinks. We got back without incident. Andy was very proud to be able to surprise Allison and Eva with a nice treat.