At Mimi and Dano’s

The kids enjoying ice cream outside in December
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01451

On our first full day at Mimi and Dano’s we did a few things. Mimi, Allison and I went to the store to buy food for Christmas. Dano took the kids on a golf cart adventure and both kids got to drive the golf cart in a big parking lot. Eva enjoyed it, Andy was a bit hesitant about it. Driving a golf cart certainly takes some getting used to.

Fitzy has arrived

Fitzy not only made the trip to Disney but he also arrived at Mimi and Dano’s to the delight of Andy. Andy is still into this Elf on the Shelf he was so happy that Fitzy came along with us.

Andy got a Cake Pop

We went to one of the Villages main squares to do some shopping but also to visit Allison’s old boss from American Eagle. She works in a quirky little store in one of the villages. I forget which one we were at, however. I got some new shoes and We also got some ice cream despite there being cooler temperatures than usual in Florida. We also stopped by a Starbucks and Andy got a reindeer cake pop.

Eva's Room

We got back to the house and Allison, Andy and Mimi did a lot of baking. Eva helped out as well but mostly she was setting up her room. She’s staying in the laundry room for the trip. she has a nice air mattress and a very comfy blanket to keep her warm and comfortable.

Ninjabread men

I brought along Andy’s Ninjabread men baking kit. He and Eva did the decorating on these guys.

Tonight we watched Christmas vacation. I think I connected Dano’s tv to all our streaming services so that we could make sure not to miss any of our favorite Christmas movies.