Auntie Mo at Sea World with Eva

Sea World with Eva, originally uploaded by mot412.

Our great friend Mo just went Pro on Flickr and I could finally get to the photos she had of she and Eva. Look at this one that Mo shot with her xshot at the dolphin pool. I keep telling Mo that she needs to submit a story to the SeaWorld Dolphin bubbles blog.

Also Mo is going to once again step in and take care of Eva while we are at IZEAFest 2009. She’ll be taking Eva to SeaWorld every single day including the Blogger takeover day.

Did you know that if you go to IZEAFest 2009 to get a free ticket to SeaWorld. I can talk about this until I cam blue in the face but IZEAFest needs to be experienced. The best value for the money, the most bloggers, the most fun it is going to be fantastic. Each year the conference gets even bigger and better. Be there. Click my affiliate link and get your ticket today.

4 thoughts on “Auntie Mo at Sea World with Eva”

  1. Mo,
    I know, a free ticket to Sea World is awesome. Eva enjoyed the days so much. We even got out her stuffed dolphin the other day and she points to it and says “fly”. She thinks they can fly, which I guess they can.

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