Autumn’s blog

I have mentioned my Friend Autumn on this blog before. Well she has her own blog and is actively updating it now. She added my Photo-A-Day to her blog the other day and wrote a nice little blog post about it. Autumn is awesome in so many ways. First off she is probably the sweetest person you would ever meet. She had hungry hungry hippos when we were growing up (This was important as we we neighbors till I was 7 and we often played together. I did not have hungry hungry hippos and at that time that game was one to be coveted. I loved playing it. She also had strawberry shortcake dolls and I played with them too, it was the 80’s, don’t judge me!) I also remember watching Frankenstein (we’re talking the black and white version) at her house on Creature Double Feature and getting scared. I’m a big baby when it comes to scary movies. I seem to have gotten off on a tangent. Autumn was also recently crowned Miss Wheelchair America and she is visiting all sorts of cool places like the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl. Her platform of “Independence through Education” is wonderful and she is working very hard to spread the message of her platform. Allison and I enjoy our dinners out with Autumn and Kenny. We have a great time together.