Baby Borrowers: Ep #3

I don’t like that Hulu is a week late getting up the episodes of the Baby Borrowers. That means I will be a week behind in my posts about the show. So I guess I should start writing the review part and posting the video and review when the video comes out. That would be smart.

So in this episode we see Sasha lose her mind. She gets a little constructive criticism and freaks out. Swearing and screaming at the mother of the kid they had this week. She turned into a complete mess. And the mother was right, they are not ready to be parents.

Kelly left the house while Austin was in the shower. Great communication skills. We see the nanny has to step in and give him a lecture.

Alicia stepped up and comforted the kid that she was caring for. She is still a self centered person though.

Kelsey had another rough one and this kid was pooping everywhere. It was sick. Poor Kelsey, cleaning someone else’s kid’s poop is horrible.

What I am noticing is that the kids are starting to learn more from this experience. I am more impressed with the boys than the girls though.