Beach Cruising…

I guess some of the previous times I blogged about this company XYZ Bikes has really helped them sell there bikes. I had gone and seen some great bikes in the past, there were some awesome chopper bikes and there was even a time when you could make your own custom bike with custom colors. I was thinking about getting a PayPerPost themed bike from XYZ bikes.

However today as I am writing about these beach bikes I noticed that many of them have been sold out. These are quality bikes and well I guess that there is a large demand. The only men’s bike left is bright yellow. The one in Black is sold out. At least I thought it was, however it is a pre-order, the bike will be available in July or August. And the pre-order price is $95.00. That is a really great price for a 26″ frame bike to use for cruising the beaches and paved bike trails.

That bike would certainly fit around here in Lincoln NE, where I am today. As I go about looking for Tour De Lincoln bikes. It would be more fun if I was riding around on a beach cruiser. I hope that the company gets the custom color option back and some of the chopper bikes too, there were some very cool bikes I was interested in. It looks like they are going to be adding more new products. I hope so because I really liked these bikes.

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