Birthday Party for Grandfather

Dad and Eva
Photo-A-Day #2258

Tonight we celebrated my Dad’s 60th birthday. My sister Tara made a delicious dinner for everyone as well as a very tasty cake. Eva kept us entertained throughout dinner. We gave Dad a new grill, he gets to pick it out so he’s got some choices to make soon.

Speaking of grills, Allison, Eva and I went over to Sears today and I took a look at all their Kenmore grills. There were a bunch of them that I really liked. I am going to have a tough decision ahead of me when I finally pick one out. I was taking a look at the grill again online and saw that you can pay through PayPal. I’m excited about that when I finally do make my decision on the grill to buy for the house.

I cannot wait until we close on this house. I am so tired of waiting to find out what the final numbers will be on closing day. So frustrated that these things come down to the last minute and every other day the numbers go up for no logical reason. At least it feels that way. I’m just ready for this whole part of the home buying experience to be over.

A few weeks back I wrote a review of the Kodak Pulse, a wireless digital frame. I also mentioned that Kodak was doing something special for Father’s Day. It was called “Put Dad in the Spotlight with Kodak”. I submitted a few photos. One of my Dad and me when I was little and one of Me and Eva at the Fisher Cats game last week. Both photos were chosen to be put into the special Kodak Pulse frame on the website. I’m not sure if they’ll be on the big screen in Times Square but that would be really cool.

3 thoughts on “Birthday Party for Grandfather”

  1. It was a very enjoyable dinner. I am very fortunate to have such a wonderful family. Eva is very entertaining and always makes getting together so special.We all love her!

    1. Dad,

      Glad you had a nice time. We enjoyed celebrating your birthday with the dinner. Glad that you were able to enjoy your actual birthday day with a motorcycle ride around Martha’s Vineyard. Eva, as always loves an audience.

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