Blogers Choice Awards – Andy Beard – A great idea…

The PayPerPost blog has put up a post about Andy Beard. Andy has set up a group project on his blog. The title of that post is Bloggers Choice Award – Want More Votes? (group project). I already left my comment on the blog and hope to get a few more votes through this group project. I am currently in 6th place for The Photography Blog of the Year and losing ground quickly, it wasn’t that long ago (1 day) that I was in 2nd place. I see the prize slipping and want to do everything that I can to get back in the game. The Photography Blog of the Year is important to me because I love photography and I feel that I take some pretty interesting photos and love sharing them with everyone.

If you would like to see about gaining some exposure for your own blogs please go to Andy’s Blog and you can feel free to leave the link to your blog nomination page in these comments so I can get right to your blog and so can my readers. And remember I am part of the “Do Follow” movement so your links to your blogs will be followed.

And Ted Murphy contacted me directly after posting about the PayPerPost Blog post to include a little more on the post about my post here. (If you followed that line of direction Gold Star for you.) Anyway What that means is that Ted added my Custom Voting Badge to the PayPerPost Post.

Vote for me to be Photography Blog of the Year.
This one, click it and vote.

2 thoughts on “Blogers Choice Awards – Andy Beard – A great idea…”

  1. Congrats on getting added to the PPP blog. I am voting for you now.

    I just joined the “dofollow” movement today as well. I have some more plans to expand the idea a bit further as well I think. I just have to dumb it down a bit. If you get a chance to hit the boards, let me know what you think about my last few posts in that thread.


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