Bloggers Choice Awards…

As you know I am heading to PostieCon in June and I am really excited about the trip. I can’t wait to meet some other bloggers who are working with PayPerPost. I am also very excited to meet the man behind PayPerPost, Mr. Ted Murphy.

The Bloggers Choice awards are going to be the only web awards that will really matter. Why? Because Posties nominate the bloggers for the categories and Posties vote. There are some funny categories too. “Hottest Mommy Blogger”, “Most Obnoxious Blogger”, best “Animal Blogger”, I nominated Stephen the Dog for that one. You can nominate bloggers and vote. The winners will be announced at PostieCon.

Since I just found out about The Bloggers Choice Awards yesterday I figure that many folks haven’t heard about them yet.

So, in an effort to help spread the word I popped up a nomination for this site as Best Photography Blog. I know that nominating yourself can be seen as vain but dang it I bust my butt to photograph each and every day. And I have the photos on this site shared that with many people who enjoy my photos. So help me out and take a look at these web awards and vote for me as Best Photography site.

And if you want to nominate me for any of the other categories that would be cool too. Thanks everyone.

This was a sponsored post. I get paid to blog about the things I want to with PayPerPost. Read my disclosure policy. You can make money with your blog too, click on the referral button.

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