Blogging from CollegeFest 2007

Postie Reporter at CollegeFest

So CollegeFest is going very well. I spent some time cruising the booths with the guys from Rockstartup (Travis) and Britt and Ashley. We had my press pass so we went to the Playboy booth to get some photos and to talk with some of the playmates. They were very nice. I got some hair gel and a Good Luck Chuck t-shirt. CollegeFest is packed with tons of college students and they are into all sorts of things. I met a few that had blogs, were interested in starting a blog and interested in PayPerPost as well.

This morning when were setting up I decided to start a stream. And it has had a couple of glitches but for the most part it is up and working. I finally attached my webcam to my XShot and got a much better look of the crowd at the PPP booth. The stream of people has been absolutely non-stop. We are having a lot of fun. I am very happy to have met Ashley finally. And Britt is so sweet and nice. Everyone from PayPerPost has been cool. I even got to talk with Ted Murphy this morning. He is the MAN!

There are so many different advertisers and booths here. I’ve been talking with them about signing up with PayPerPost as well as with tons of the college students. It has been a lot of fun. Seriously non-stop.

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  1. Oh, and I also thought it was a joint!

    PS – At one point I read on your blog that a great way to increase traffic was to hold a contest – so I’m holding a contest (actually, it’s a giveaway).

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