Book Review: My Very First Book of Colors

Read to Me, Dad: My Very First Book of Colors

Eric Carle is probably most well known for his book The Very Hungry Caterpillar. But he has many other books as well and one of them is My Very First Book of Colors. Yesterday my Mom gave this book to Eva and I read it to her. Well, there isn’t much of a story it is a book that shows a color and then lets you match up the color with an illustration of something that is predominantly that color. The pages are split in the middle so that you can flip the color on the top and then flip the 2nd half of the page on the bottom to find the item of that same color.

This is an excellent book to use to start teaching your small child about colors because the illustrations are top rate and the book is interactive with the split pages. It is also a board book so Eva can munch on it a bit too and it will hold up for future kids.

This book is also part of a set called My Very First Library which includes the books My Very First Book of Colors, My Very First Book of Shapes, My Very First Book of Numbers, and My Very First Book of Words.

Read to Me Dad Ratings

  • Story – No story, just names of colors.
  • Re-Read-ability – Excellent, repetition is a wonderful thing for growing minds and we can read this to Eva over and over.
  • Illustrations – Excellent -The bright colorful and playful images created by Carle are excellent.
  • Message – No message, just a book of colors.
  • Plot – No plot, just a book of colors.
  • Characters – No Characters, again, a book of colors.
  • Does Eva Like It – Eva was slightly interested in the book but then again I think she wanted to chew on it.
  • Recommended Ages – Baby-PreSchool