Brand that Flip

Brand that Flip
Photo-A-Day #1439

I’ve been hearing a lot about branding and I went and branded my twitter page. (Wish I could do something like that to facebook). I had branded hats made up and I re-branded this blog from The BenSpark to merely The “the” was always a bit pretentious. So now I’ve started branding my devices. I’ve started with the Flip Mino HD.

I purchased a skin from and custom made it with a very memorable image that is sure to have heads turning. Here is the back.

The Back of my Flip

I’m going to be giving people a chance to win their very own Flip soon. Not sure the exact model but will know eventually. I’m hoping to be able to put together a skin for that prize that incorporates my logo and that of the sponsor. Be on the lookout for the contest. The contest will be a large one to go along with a very special IZEAFest prize pack. I am still working on gathering all the sponsors.

Speaking of IZEAFest 2009, Eva and I watched TedTube tonight and sadly we did not win the trip to SeaWorld. I totally missed that there were like 6 places to enter the contest. Ugh, I feel so stupid. Now honestly I didn’t think I would win the contest but I did put up a very confident attitude about it so that I could channel that energy out towards winning, Anything is possible right?

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  1. Celina,
    It was fun to create, the interface online for it is very simple. I made that one up very quickly one evening.

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