Buffett Tailgating thoughts…

I took a bunch of photos at the Buffett concert and have yet to post them. I will certainly be putting up a post about those photos very soon. I did want to talk about the experience of going to Gillette. The tailgating there was exceptional. I think it had a great vibe to it. There could have been many more porta-potties but although there was a huge police presence it did not deter us from having a beer or two out in the open. And I’m sorry but I love having a beer in a glass bottle because it keeps things so much colder and cold beer tastes much better. Putting the drinking in plastic cups is silly. While the Tweeter center is a more fun venue for the show itself the tailgating was much better at Gillette. It may be blasphemous saying that but it is what I believe.

There must have been a falling out with Tweeter Center and Jimmy because on Labor Day weekend the Tweeter parking lot is full of golf enthusiasts, in other words the TPC golf tournament takes over for the weekend. Can you believe that Tweeter makes more money using the facility as a giant parking lot than it does as a venue for a concert. Gillette solves that problem by charging each carload to park, it stinks but they make their money.

I think that next year we have to build a bar and take a bus. This year we had so many people with us that using a bus would have been perfect. And making a bar gets more visitors to the party space. And Tailgating is one of my most favorite parts of the whole Buffett experience.