Build Your Own video Games with Game Builder Garage on the Nintendo Switch

Game Builder Garage
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00960

Nintendo sent me a free copy of Game Builder Garage so that I could play and review. Opinions are my own. Game Builder Garage is a fun interactive way to discover game design through guided lessons. In this game you will meet the Nodon, characters that are behind every aspect of game building. When you tap into the programming power of Nodon you’ll learn the secrets of building your own games from scratch!

When I was a kid I taught myself how to program BASIC just so I could make an 8×8 set of pixels look like a little guy and make him dance. Wow, things have changed and my own kids have an incredible tool at their disposal to create their very own video games. Game Builder Garage is a powerful tool for learning how to code and for making fun and exciting games all by yourself. Andy has had so much fun making different games and he loves to show his friends and family each one that he creates. I’m very envious of that. Had I had this game as a kid I may have been more inclined to pursue a career in game creation. Being a kid and having that time and focus to really work on something like I used to do when I completed games like The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Brothers. I can only imagine what games I could have created using this. Maybe I will take some time to get to know this game and do just that.

While I did not create my own games, yet, I did make a video as a parent’s guide to the game.

You can get your own copy of Game Builder Garage from through our affiliate link.