Burn Notice: Bad Blood

Spoilers as this is a review/recap.

As far as Burn Notice episodes go this was not the best of the season. That still stands as the previous episode for me. In this episode we meet Victor. Victor is a wrangler for Michael and he is a jerk. Michael was caught on camera sneaking into Carla’s dummy office. So now Carla has a new assignment for Michael and Michael has to work with Victor.

The one things I noticed about Victor is that he can do a better Boston accent than Michael. Michael’s accent was so bad it made Ben Affleck’s accent in Good Will Hunting sound amazing. I like the accents and personas that Michael takes on however the Jimmy Glynn was terrible. Certainly not Michael’s best work. The previews for next week sound very funny however where Michael has to play a much weaker person.

Okay, to the story. Michael meets Victor, threats are made so Michael sends Sam to stay with his mom. Sam gets to Madeline’s home to find Ricky helping set up her VCR. Seems Ricky is there to get some help from Michael. Ricky and his brother grew up with Michael and were his friends. Ricky’s brother is now in jail. I think Michael’s soft spot for Ricky was that he was like a little brother and so he wants to help protect him.

Ricky needs protection because he is an accountant for a big Hip Hop Mogul (Played by Method Man). It seems that $2 Million has gone missing. It was embezzled by Eddie. Eddie is a scumbag. Now Ricky needs to prove that the money was embezzled or he’s gonna get capped (we are talking hip hop here). Michael tries to help out Ricky and at the same time his new Wrangler Victor makes things difficult.

Victor gives Michael a nice little pink cell phone with a strong GPS tracker in it. Michael does his spy thing and goes to disable the tracker. There is a note form Victor inside the phone that tells him not to mess with the phone. So instead Michael forwards the calls form that phone to his own phone. This comes back to bit him in the ass later.

Michael’s cover is Jimmy Glynn. Jimmy is a real estate guy from Boston with a terrible accent. This was Michael’s worst accent so far. And I like the accents myself. Michael tries to convince Eddie to launder his $2 million with him. And the plan was to have the mogul catch Eddie in the act. Things go awry when Victor shows up and practically blows Michael’s cover with a much better Boston accent too boot.

Michael is not out of the game though he convinces Eddie to kill Ricky. At the same time Sam and Fiona kidnap the mogul and bring him to Ricky’s house. There he hears the confession of Eddie and sees him attempt to kill Ricky. The gun has blanks in it. Ricky is cleared and Eddie takes a boat ride but never comes back.

The other part of the story is a little mission that Victor has for Michael. They are to steal something that is being transported. Michael rigs up an impromptu x-ray using an old TV and a taser so he can see what is in the wooden box. It turns out to be some sort of sniper rifle. We’ll see where this will lead in a future episode. And I think we will see more of Victor. Although I don’t think Michael will be getting the upper hand on him anytime soon.