Burn Notice Turn and Burn

Spoilers as always in my Recap/Reviews

Last night we saw Michael attempt to learn more about his new handlers, the people who burned him. Things did not go so well at first as Sam and Fiona were made very quickly and this resulted in a broken camera, Veronica’s. It seems that most of the high tech stuff that Michael gets is ‘borrowed’ from Sam’s sugar momma, Veronica. And she is still pretty pissed about the car, so a broken DSLR is not fun.

In an effort to get back on Veronica’s good side Sam agrees to introduce Sophia to Michael. This woman needs help. On the surface she is a mild mannered hostess at an upscale restaurant and she is being stalked. But as the episode goes on Michael discovers that her stalker is a drug dealer’s thug and the hostess is not who she appears to be.

We learn that Sophia is a DEA agent and she has been deep undercover and on her own. This strikes a cord with Michael and he agrees to help. Sophia heard a rumor that Michael was the person to come to for help. This disturbed Michael because he really tries to fly below the radar. So this is one thing that Michael must deal with. He needs to get Raul away from Sophia and help her with her mission to take down the drug cartel. And Michael is just the guy to do it.

In this little caper he enlists Sam and Fiona. They do much better in this mission than they did in tailing Carla. Planting devices was so simple for Fiona in her 4 inch heels and sexy dress. I’m sure that a bunch of thugs wouldn’t even notice her even with Sam distracting them with a bouncy ball.

In the end Michael double crosses Raul, gets him blacklisted by the Cartel and helps Sophia take them down. He tells Sophia that the rumor about him, make it stay a rumor. There is too much riding on Michael remaining anonymous.

I was impressed with Michael taking on two different personas in this episode and keeping them straight.

The other crux of the episode was a mission from Carla. Michael needed to get a high tech card duplicated and for that he needed to find a specific forger. For this Michael teaches everyone how to forge checks. I’m sure that they keep some of the details out of it so people don’t try these things. But this gets him in the door with the forger and he gets that taken care of. Unfortunately it is taken care of too late. Carla threatens Michael’s mother indirectly by bringing her a new coffeepot in the middle of the night.

I think one of the best parts of the episode was the therapy session that Michael had with his mother. And we notice at the same time as Michael notices that the therapist looks almost exactly like his mother. Oh, No, Michael is in for it and things start that way but Michael goes way, way back into his fractured childhood and pulls out a nugget that stops his mother cold. She abandons that therapist very quickly.

The season seems to be hinging on Michael finding out more about Carla and her organization and at the same time getting these other missions from his friends and family. Something is gonna have to give at some point. I’m not sure he can save everyone. We shall see.

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