Getting a new computer

Allison and I are getting a new computer. We ordered it last night. I’m not giving out the details as of yet but this machine should rocket us along for a couple of years. And we got a pretty good deal on it too. I vowed twelve years ago that I would never again spend over $1000 for a computer.

Back in 1996 I bought myself a Gateway laptop and ended up having to take out some personal loans to pay it off. I won’t even tell you how much I paid for that laptop but I can tell you if you added up the cost for this new computer plus the two prior to this one… well they still wouldn’t add up to be as much as that laptop.

Having spent many years in debt I can tell you that taking out a personal loan can be scary but it can also be helpful, if you pay it back quickly. Being in debt sucks, you still have to buy stuff but you continue to get deeper and deeper in the hole. Luckily it was bonus time at work and this little baby isn’t going to put us further into hock. And by baby I mean the computer, our baby is going to put us into hock but we knew that already. When the bill comes in for this computer I will pay it in full and be glad I did because overextending my credit is no fun either.

That laptop back in 1996, I bought that using a loan through the computer company. The interest rates were insane but I was young and stupid. I was also without many expenses so I had some mad money to play with. If I was a little smarter about the whole thing I would not have gotten into financial trouble and would be much further ahead today than ever. But going through that experience taught me some lessons about credit and finances. But that is a story for another time.

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  1. My desktop computer went POP! and a lot of smoke came out of it. Mike was all, “oh, we need to get you a new computer!”

    WRONG! Turned out all that was needed was a $15 power supply, and my computer is now up and running again.

    I am saving up to buy a laptop, though. We could have paid cash for a new computer if we had to, a very basic one, but I want to hold off until we have the cash for what I really want. While I am saving, I have been looking to see if there’s any way to upgrade Mike’s old laptop…the one I was using, on dial-up, during the week my computer was out of commission.

    He paid well over $1,000 (cash, not credit, he saved up for it) for that laptop, and he’s hardly ever used it. I’ve used it more than he has. It’s old enough where it doesn’t work with Verizon DSL, though. He said that I could have it, and do what I want with it. I wonder if it might be worthwhile to try to upgrade it, as opposed to buying new. I really would love to have a laptop where I could use WiFi in public places…

    Just weighing out my options. I hate the idea of going into debt, so whatever I do about a laptop, I’ll be paying cash for it. I’m just glad that my current computer was salvaged, that buys me more time to save up money.

    This is the year when we will be seriously pursuing the whole house in Maine thing, and as such, we don’t want to incur any more debt than we have to. A mortgage and the car payment we have now will be enough, thank you very much!

    Anyhoo, good for you an getting a new computer, AND for doing so without going into the hole!

  2. Christine,
    The computer is going to arrive on the 12th, then I will reveal all. I wonder what the specs are on your computer. That might be important to know to see whether or not it would be worth upgrading. Having a laptop certainly is useful. But if you want power for less money you are going to want to have a desktop for sure. I multi-task like I invented it so for me more power is more important.

  3. You are correct Drew. Being in debt does suck. That comes from someone who has been in debt since he was thirteen years old.I was working on Mr. Lent’s farm to pay my grain bill.Then it was car loans, then mortgages, then kids, more cars, insurances, and on and on. Am I complaining? No. Do your best to keep your debt under control.

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