Can you name the movies?

Bob over at Bob Meets World has a picture up and is supposedly has 100 movie titles that can be found in the images on this overall image. I was able to find 15 of them then gave up so someone else could get a shot at it. I could have gone on, you know I could have. I have that part of my brain that is reserved just for movie quotes and other useless knowledge. If you want to see if you can find any of the additional movies, there are 80 left, head on over to Bob Meets World and Try your luck.

2 thoughts on “Can you name the movies?”

  1. i tried for fifteen minutes! lol.. then i realized i should probably get back to work! 😉

    i like your blog and voted for you in the blog for a year contest. i hope you do well. good luck!

  2. I keep going back and finding more. Thanks for the visit and thanks for the vote. I appreciate it.

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