Car loan refinancing

With one income now and a car payment that is manageable but could be better I was thinking about the possibility of refinancing the loan. The thought of Lower Car Payments makes me very happy and I found a site that can help. The site is called RateGenius and it is dedicated to helping people lower their car payments. RateGenius has a powerful network of lenders, prominent national lenders who will submit rates, terms and the amount of a loan to fit into your lifestyle. Also RateGenius does not charge customers for the refinancing service.

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6 thoughts on “Car loan refinancing”

  1. It’s good to know about such services, just in case. We bought our new Catmobile six months ago, and are back into the world of car payments. It’s an econobox (Ford Focus), and the payments are manageable on our income. But it’s good to have options if need be, because we can’t afford to lose our car to Repo Man if we suddenly could not make the payments. A car is a necessity for us, if for no other reason than that Mike needs one to get to work. Most engineering jobs are not on public transit lines!

  2. Keeping options open is one thing, but I do it and its fine, Lower payments can give you the head space to earn more therefore counteracting the downsides!

  3. Nice service, you don’t always get the best rate when you finance at the dealership, so it’s good to shop around.

    At the risk of looking like I am spamming.

    You will find an automotive loan calculator by clicking my name above. You can play with the interest rates to give you an idea of how much you could save by refinancing your car.

    I don’t do financing, I just thought this might be helpful.

  4. Thanks Dwayne for using my comment policy. Most people don’t when they have a service. I appreciate that you did. I will take a look at the calculator.

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